Sacred Roots

sacred roots

The Sacred Roots program will use the wisdom of our ancestors to create a legacy of wellness in our community. The project strives to engage community members in building healthier environments, habits, and relationships. Through these actions, we can achieve lasting change in our community, families, and lives.

Seventh Fire Food Sovereignty Alliance
This group increases the people’s voice and action in the Sacred Roots program. At meetings, community members talk about goal progress and vote on any decisions about the direction of the project. Everyone is welcome at our meetings. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk about wellness, build their skills, and work towards greater control over our food.

Community Garden
Our community garden will make it easier to get traditional foods. Expanding the garden will also allow for more space to grow, hold gardening workshops, and exercise classes. This space can also be used for traditional teachings and ceremonies.

Cooking Classes
Our cooking classes allow people to practice their cooking skills and discover new ways to use traditional native fruits and vegetables. Each session also includes quick tips for making healthy eating easier and more affordable.

Traditional Exercise
Exercise is important to keeping our bodies healthy and strong. The Sacred Roots program helps to create space and opportunities for exercise-- including traditional Native American dance, gardening, walking, and games. We want to help make exercise part of people’s lives because these activities go hand-in-hand with changes in diet to promote whole-person wellness.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Food Sovereignty & Wellness Initiatives Program Manager:

Shiloh Maples
ph. 313-846-3718


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