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Our Behavioral Health Department employs highly trained and experienced therapists as well as graduate students in training who are committed to assisting community members in finding solutions to a variety of problems. These include, but are not limited to, personal issues, family problems, school difficulties, and workplace concerns within the cultural community and the larger community. Our services incorporate cultural traditions and other evidence based therapies as well as other community support services.

Our team is personally committed to serving all members of our community by assisting with the resolution of routine and difficult problems that may interfere with family, personal harmony and success. Please feel free to call us if we can help.

General Guideline requirements for treatment in Behavior Health:

  • Driver's license or state identification
  • Status card (If American Indian or Alaska Native)
  • Insurance information
  • Proof of income

American Indian Health and Family Services is open to persons with or without insurance. If a person wishes to use their insurance, they will need to bring that information to the initial visit to ensure coverage; if a person does not have insurance they must bring proof of income to qualify for the sliding fee discount; co-pay will be determined once income eligibility is considered.

Other Behavioral Services include:

  • Wraparound is a team driven process which offers families with children support in confronting various challenges while defining and working towards specific goals. Families who enroll in Wraparound become part of a child and family team that meets regularly with a Wraparound facilitator to build on the natural strengths and supports of the family and extended family.
  • The Anishnaabek Healing Circle - Access to Recovery (ATR), is a healing circle of friends, community members, and mental health/substance abuse professionals who walk with you on a journey to wellness. ATR supports those who wish to break the cycle of addiction.
  • The Sweat Lodge is a healing journey under the guidance of a traditional healer that takes place outdoors in a domed-shaped enclosure using a sacred fire, water and traditional medicines. Click here for more info.
  • The Sacred Bundle Project is a suicide prevention program to promote the mental and spiritual wellbeing of our community members and reach out to at-risk groups in southeastern Detroit area. Another goal is to equip members of our community as well as those that our community members come into contact with to actively participate in suicide prevention efforts. Click here for more info.
  • The Zero Suicide program is a suicide prevention program designed to provide consistent follow-up and collaborative care management across the health spectrum for Native and non-Native adults aged 25+ in the Southeast Michigan area. Click here for more info.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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