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SERVICES - Maternal and Child Health

Native Healthy Start
Maajtaag Mnobmaadzid (Maj- tog Minowb-maude-zid)
"A Start of a Healthy Life"
Traditionally, pregnancy is a sacred state of being. Keeping women and babies safe and healthy has always been an honorable and expected way of life for Native people. When a woman knew she was pregnant, the life inside became her first thought. She was very aware of the need to take care of her health right from the start. Maajtaag Mnobmaadzid is designed to complement, not replace prenatal, postpartum and pediatric medical care. In addition to providing support and education during pregnancy, there is also a focus on helping women become and stay healthy before and between pregnancies. We affirm the sacred role of women in the community as givers of life, and promote understanding of the importance of family well-being and the health of women throughout the lifespan.

Who are we hoping to reach?
We hope our services will reach any woman who will be bringing a Native American baby into this world. Our Program is designed to provide services to families with children up to the age of two years. There are no income guidelines to determine eligibility.

What do we have to offer?
   • Home or office visits by a Maternal Child Health Nurse and Outreach Worker
   •Support and education based on the needs of the family
   •Services to women with high-risk pregnancies
   •Referral, follow-up and after-care services for a variety of family needs
   •Education and breast-feeding support
   •Depression screening to pregnant women and new moms
   •Transportation to medical and other appointments
   •Health education counseling for teens and their families
   •Participate in collaborative community efforts to develop and improve services for families
   •Conduct community health promotion classes and events

What do we hope to accomplish?
We are working toward providing services and information that will keep our infants, women, and families in the best of health. If we remember traditional teachings and combine those with today's health care information, we are sure to build strong families and strong nations and give our children a healthy start in life. For more info please contact, Rosebud or Nina: 313-846-6030 x1125

Healthy Kids for Pregnant Women
Medicaid is available to an eligible woman while she is pregnant, including the month her pregnancy ends and during the two calendar months following the month her pregnancy ends, regardless of the reason (for example: live birth, miscarriage). There is an income limit for this program. The comprehensive health care package of Medicaid benefits is available. For more info or to set up an enrollment please call, 313-846-6030.

Maternity Outpatient Medical Services (MOMS)
The goal of the MOMS program is to provide immediate health coverage for pregnant women. It provides outpatient prenatal coverage only. The MOMS program is available to provide immediate prenatal care while a Medicaid application is pending. Other women who may be eligible for MOMS include: Teens who, because of confidentiality concerns, choose not to apply for Medicaid, and Non-citizens who are only eligible for emergency services only. The woman must use Medicaid benefits if and when they become available. Prenatal health care services will be covered by MOMS and/or Medicaid for the entire pregnancy and for two months after the pregnancy ends. There is an income test for all persons except teens. For more info or to set up an enrollment please call, 313-846-6030.

Healthy Kids/MIChild:
Children under the age of 19 who do not have insurance can sign up for coverage through Healthy Kids/MIChild at AIHFS. These programs are offered by the state at free or low cost to the families. Examples of coverage under these insurance programs include doctor visits, immunizations, dental, medicine, and emergency care. For more information or to set up an enrollment please please call, 313-846-6030.

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